Learn the Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud services are any service made available to users on-demand via the internet from a cloud computing provider’s server, as opposed to being provided from a company’s on-premises server. Every day more organisations are switching to cloud services to improve or enhance their business.

Course Description

This course will explore the fundamentals of cloud services and the delivery models deployed within them, as well as the practical implementation of setting up cloud services.

Students will explore the features of essential cloud security and apply accepted security protocols to real-life scenarios.

With a requirement for organisations to develop a disaster recovery plan to ensure data can be recovered even in a worst-case scenario, this qualification supports students with the understanding of how to formulate and maintain a disaster recovery plan.

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3 Weeks, and requires 15hrs a week

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This course is free

PLEASE NOTE: Students must have access to a laptop, PC or Tablet to undertake this course, as practical elements require a larger viewing area.

Prior knowledge, skills and understanding

No prior knowledge, understanding, skills or qualifications are required for learners to register for this qualification.

Learning outcome 1: Understand the fundamentals of cloud services

Identify characteristics of cloud services
Explain the benefits, drawbacks, functionality and control levels of types of delivery model
Explain the benefits, drawbacks, functionality and features of types of deployment model
Describe the types of DNS records that are used in cloud services

Learning outcome 2: Understand cloud security

Identify the characteristics of passwords
Describe the configuration and management of passwords
Automated password resets
Password policy and policy enforcement
Describe the management of users and groups in cloud services
Describe how to manage cloud identities
Describe the types of security threat to cloud services and their characteristics
Explain how different methods mitigate security threats

Learning outcome 3: Understand cloud technologies

Describe the setup and configuration of virtual machines
Explain the benefits and drawbacks of virtual machines
Identify the benefits of cloud-based applications
Password policy and policy enforcement

Learning outcome 4: Understand cloud backup and recovery methods

Identify the features of a cloud backup policy
Describe the steps of a disaster recovery plan

On completion, you will be rewarded with Netcom Fundamentals in Cloud Computing Certificate.

Graduates of the course will then have access to a career advisor who will provide job support as they seek employment opportunities.

Type of assessment:

Length of assessment:

Number of questions/marks:

Onscreen test using items such as multiple choice, multiple response

The external assessment will be 35 minutes

Onscreen test using items such as multiple choice, multiple response


Learners who take the onscreen test and do not perform as expected are allowed the opportunity to resit the assessment.

With further training and development, learners can progress to more senior or complex job roles such as Infrastructure Technician, Network Administrator or Cyber Security. They can also progress on to our CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Technician Course.

  • Learners must be aged 19+
  • Locations are restricted to West Midlands
  • Some Knowledge in IT is essential
  • Need to be living in the UK for more than 3 Years

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