Netcom Training Student Surveys Digital Courses
18 Oct 2021

Student Surveys

Netcom Training runs a number of surveys throughout the academic year

Feedback is always important to help evaluate and improve the student experience for current and future students.

  1. Gary is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him – great course with lots of information.
  2. Netcom is providing excellent services enabling students to have IT skills and direction to a new career. Thanks, Netcon
  3. Best course I have ever had, interactive, very well planned, and Doug is very professional.
  4. I think this course will be the ladder of my Carrer
  5. The course is face-paced but Domnic is taking the time and not rushing through the units. Some hands-on experience would have been better but we are doing some virtual labs.
  6. My tutor Tony Granger has given me all the support I needed.
  7. Netcom Training is great for learners and they have got excellent tutors.
  8. Mike explains things well and gives me confidence and motivation to continue even if I fail the first time.
  9. My experience with Netcom has been great, I am really enjoying the course.
  10. The training provider Netcom has been very well structured and organised, enabling me to be able to follow the course closely with resources such as recordings to enable me to catch up.
  11. My teacher/lecturer is very knowledgeable in his field and covers the scope of the topics well and (when possible) provides extra curriculum information.