Complaints Policy


The policy and accompanying procedures are intended to enable course applicants, learners, employers, clients, and any other relevant parties to bring matters of concern about their experience with Netcom Training to the attention of the Company and enable investigation of those concerns with the aim of a satisfactory resolution. Any member of staff receiving either a written or verbal complaint must follow the procedures set out. This process provides feedback to help support the continuous improvement of company products and services. Complaints about assessment decisions should follow the company Appeals Procedure.


For the purposes of this policy, a complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction with products or services supplied by the company.


In the first instance, course applicants, learners(including apprentices) or clients dissatisfied with the level of service received at any point, are advised to raise a concern with their main point of contact within the organisation e.g., a member of the delivery, learner intake or employer engagement team. In most cases, it is expected that any concerns can be addressed at this stage and solutions presented to agree positive action to the satisfaction of the service user. Issues of a more minor nature may be due to a simple misunderstanding and require effective clarity of communication and be resolved accordingly. Any proposed resolution should be recorded in writing and a copy of communication made available to the person raising the concern.

In the event of a concern not being resolved to the satisfaction of complainants, they may initiate a formal complaint and provide all relevant detail pertaining to their concern and as to any dissatisfaction with the initial response to it from Company staff. In such instances, complainants will be given the relevant department manager’s contact details

Formal Complaint stages

  1. Complainants should contact the relevant manager in writing using the Company Complaint Form, stating the nature of the complaint and providing any supporting information e.g., dates, persons involved.
  2. On receipt of the complaint, it will be investigated by the relevant manager, or in the event of a conflict of interest or if deemed inappropriate for any reason, a member of the senior management team. The Company Operations Manager is to be notified within 2 working days of any formal complaints raised and authorise any agreed actions.
  3. The complainant will be responded to initially to acknowledge receipt of the complaint(within 48 hours) and notified in writing of the outcome within 7 working days of it being made. Action taken will be reviewed if required within agreed timescales.


Should a complainant be dissatisfied with the outcome of the formal complaint process, he/she may appeal. Additional information may be requested of the complainant should further details be required at this stage.

The appeal must be made in writing to the Operations Manager of Netcom Training Ltd, clearly stating the reasons. The Operations Manager will review the appeal in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer and respond with a decision within 7 working days of receiving the appeal letter. In the event of the outcome of the appeal not being to the satisfaction of the complainant, he/she will be given recourse to and the contact details of a relevant external agency/authority if requested.


A summary of any complaints received, and actions taken will be made available to the company Quality Manager on a quarterly basis to evaluate and identify/monitor any trends or reoccurrences. This information will be used to inform any further continuous improvement that may be required to company products and/or services and procedures. The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or in light of any major operating procedural changes

Policy date: 9th June 2021