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Cyber Security

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Equip yourself with the necessary tools for a career in Cyber Security with our comprehensive course. Designed to cover all bases, this course offers flexible online learning for absolutely free. Throughout the program, you’ll delve into Linux, an adaptable open-source operating system widely used in cyber security and expand your cyber security knowledge. Gain a deeper understanding of current information and system security practices, essential for defending against cyber threats. With industries worldwide embracing open-source technologies, Linux skills are in high demand. Elevate your expertise and bolster your cyber security defences with our Cyber Security course. Enrol now and embark on a path to safeguarding digital systems effectively. 

Whether you’re starting your career in open source or looking for professional development, independently verifying your skill set can help you stand out to hiring managers or your management team. Netcom Training’s Cyber Security Linux course is here to solidify your cyber knowledge and help you feel well-prepared for your future career aspirations and goals.

Key Skills You’ll Gain

  • Full capability of using open-source Linux OS
  • An understanding of the technologies, products, and procedures cyber security professionals use to combat cybercrime
  • The ability to identify the characteristics, tactics, and techniques cybercriminals use
  • How to manage business continuity for cloud computing
  • Cloud security risk infrastructure and risk management


Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the course, you’ll have gained the essential skills and up-to-date knowledge needed to transition into roles such as:

  • Junior Security Analyst
  • Junior Cyber Security Analyst
  • Junior Penetration Tester


Cyber Security Fundamentals

(12 weeks)
Available in Greater London, West Midlands, Cambridge and Peterborough
Linux Essentials

Linux is fundamental to all cyber security systems, therefore a strong grasp of Linux Essentials is vital for a future in the sector. The first part of your course is here to provide that strong grasp, helping you understand:

  •   The linux community and a career in Open Source
  •   Finding your way on a Linux system
  •   The power of the command line
  •   The Linux operating system
  •   Security and file permission
Cyber Essentials

Interested in pursuing more advanced studies within cyber security? Cyber Essentials will teach you all about:

  •   Cyber Essentials Principles
  •   Cyber Essentials Technologies
  •   Cyber Essentials in Practice
Cloud Security

The final part of your course will provide you with a broad overview of cloud security, allowing you to gain critical insights into how security issues change in the cloud. Your tutor will cover:

  •   Cloud architecture
  •   Infrastructure security for cloud
  •   Managing cloud security and risk
  •   Data security for cloud computing
  •   Application security and identity management for cloud computing
Cyber Security Practices
(10 weeks)
Unit 1: Understand Cyber Security Principles
  • Understand cyber security
  • Understand core terminology and key aspects of cyber security
  • Understand security by design principles
Unit 2: Threat Intelligence in Cyber Security
  • Understand cyber threat intelligences
  • Understand threat models
  • Understand malicious software
  • Know about social engineering
Unit 3: Cyber Security Testing, Vulnerabilities and Controls
  • Understand common types of testing in cyber security
  • Be able to reduce or remove potential cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Understand controls in cyber security
  • Be able to apply a cyber security control
Unit 4: Cyber Security Incident Response
  • Understand what is meant by a cyber security incident response plan
  • Be able to develop a cyber security incident response plan
  • Be able to develop an incident post mortem report
Unit 5: Understand Legislation and Ethical Conduct Within Cyber Security
  • Understand legislation relating to cyber security
  • Understand information security standards
  • Understand ethical conduct within cyber security
Unit 6: Professional Skills and Behaviours for Cyber Security
  • Understand behaviours required for a career in cyber security
  • Be able to identify skills required for a career in cyber security
  • Understand the importance of continuous professional development

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Hear from the Netcom Training Alumni

"I am part of a set of student trained on data analysis and the company generally provide training on IT related issues. They are professional, the courses are structured to provide the required skills and knowledge. I wished i had done this course 4 years back."

Adams Kamara
24 May 2024

"The training was very interactive "

Esther Anopueme
23 May 2024

"My trainer is a very good he made the program very welcoming and made every day relaxing. @Nathan Shields. Thankyou Netcom. "

Mimi Obi
23 May 2024

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning about Digital Marketing and I am happy that I made the decision to enrol. The sheer amount I have learned in only 3 months has surpassed my expectations. Web design, Email Marketing, SEO & Analytics to name a few of the topics covered. Many Thanks to Nathan Shields for the knowledge & excellent delivery of the course."

Karl Farquharson
23 May 2024

"I have really enjoyed the course. The course is structured very well, and the teacher Nathan, is highly knowledgeable and has provided us with many insights and extra tips. Besides the teacher expertise, I appreciated that we had the time to practice and clarify any doubts or review any topics as needed. The recordings of the lessons are also very useful for revisiting the material."

Rossella Patti
23 May 2024

"I have enjoyed my time & have learned a lot more than i expected too on the digital marketing course with Netcom training, Nathan Shields (tutor) made the course engaging and gave us very helpful tasks to do to help learn. With the knowledge & information i have received i now feel ready to put it all into action & pursue my new career, thank you."

jamie D
23 May 2024

"My experience at Netcom Training was awesome, great support from the support team and the trainer was amazing (Mr Nathan Shields) he is very professional, polite and patient, I say very big thank you for your time "

Fabiana Connor
23 May 2024

"Easy and straightforward. They provide support"

Ifeyinwa Chiadikobi
22 May 2024

"Netcom training provided me with real life practise and valuable insights into the world of Data Analysis. Plus the course is only 12 weeks!!"

Umar ahamed
22 May 2024

"Experience is Good"

22 May 2024

"Amazing course and Amir has been great "

22 May 2024

"It has been a very enjoyable experience. I have learnt a lot, very interesting. Amir, the teacher, has been great. "

Beatriz Andreu
20 May 2024

"This course has help me gain a basic knowledge into I.T cyber security like I need and may also help me get into the industry once I finished the course. The support you received from netcom is good, effective and relevant with your course. A special shout out to a teacher at netcom training, Amir who taught the course Cyber Security. He has gone above and beyond in my opinion to help us as learners to understand the course and material which we needed to learn. He helps us to understand the lesson and his knowledge is next to none. His classes are fun, enjoyable and you look forward to them as he has a gift for teaching. Thanks you so much Amir for a great Learner experience."

Erick Viteri
17 May 2024

"The foundation of cyber security 3 month course was very informative and well explained. Our tutor Amir Din shows great expertise in cyber security with thought out real life explanations to the course topics covered. Highly recommend if new to cyber security."

Jas Aulakh
16 May 2024

"The company did very well choosing a very good tutor who would make the lessons feel more fun and engaging considering all lessons are being done from home. Making it difficult to stay focused but Amir Din did very well. Would recommend "

16 May 2024

"Amir been absolutely a star"

16 May 2024

"Well handled, The learning was great with a good tutor.👍 I am a coach driver with a ITC background and considering going back."

Mr Alan Morant
16 May 2024

"Very helpful, communicative and informative. Very friendly environment too. A slight nitpick in sometimes being slightly off in scheduling where something can end up happening later, but a very pleasant experience I've learned greatly from."

Tom Jennings
16 May 2024

"I completed my IT Support Level 3 courses with Netcom. They deliver great teaching with extra resources to help you along the way. It is great to get a deeper understand about IT from Hardware to Networking plus you can take your learning further by doing the CompTIA stuff which will give employers something nice to look at on your CV, especially applying for any IT roles. "

Harjit Bassi
16 May 2024

"My teacher Abbas was great, he made the content easy to understand. If we didn't understand something he gave us more resources and would go through it with us. He went above and beyond making himself available to everyone on the course. He created an easy open environment and didn't force anyone to do anything they didn't want to. Netcom has been a great company to do a course with. I would definitely do another course with them if I could. I highly recommend netcom to anyone looking to do any IT courses."

16 May 2024

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