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Hear from the Netcom Training Alumni

"Found out from some acquaintance about it and said let's give it a try. It was a great experience easy to sign up and the trainer was great. Personally went for IT support CompTIA, Doug Brooks our instructor.Easy to understand and all the info available all the time to review outside class hours whenever needed."

Alexandru-Ioan Dumitru
10 April 2024

"i just enjoyed the course in general. i think what helped the most was Doug the trainer is a very good tutor & keeps everyone actively engaged in the sessions & always approachable. "

Reece Hutchings
10 April 2024

"Great class delivery and communication with learners, as well as an overall excellent opportunity."

Joshua Allen
10 April 2024

"I had the privilege of undergoing a highly enriching learning experience in the realms of social media, web design, and digital marketing. This comprehensive journey not only significantly augmented my knowledge across various marketing facets but also instilled a structured routine that set a positive tone for each day. Credit is undeniably owed to my exceptional tutor, Bev Harvey, whose unwavering guidance ensured that all assignments were executed with precision. Furthermore, her invaluable assistance in crafting an outstanding portfolio has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory. I wholeheartedly attest that Bev Harvey is truly the epitome of an exemplary tutor!"

David Klempar
04 April 2024

"I enjoyed the experience as netcom training made it easier for me to get entry level apprenticeship by providing me with the minimum training required for it."

umar oloyede
22 March 2024

"Nathan was a fantastic tutor who along with being an behemoth of digital marketing knowledge, he was also a very supportive and understanding person. Learnt a lot from him and I do recommend to try Netcom if you are wanting to get in to digital marketing. "

Propaganda Panda
15 March 2024

"Course was very good, especially the trainer I learnt a lot of information in a short space of time, but there was always time to recap and ask and review my learning. Would recommend the course to anyone who wants to update skillset or learn more about digital marketing."

14 March 2024

"In 2021 I was working in Warehouse and then I started training with netcom and I got my level 3 cert. I got office job in the same year of 2021. I am very lucky to get that training. I would like to compliment all the staff of Netcom and a particular compliment goes to Billy (Bulquese). This is my honest opinion about Billy: "Thank you, Billy, for the outstanding service and support! Your dedication and expertise truly make a difference." Abduaziz Oumer (Abdi)"

Abduaziz Oumer
06 March 2024

"I completed A Cyber Security Course and I have to say all the teachers were amazing and very helpful.If you was unsure I felt like you could always ask and they would take their time to explain and show you different ways of doing things. Amazing Teachers such as Reece, Michelle, Pawan and Andy. They was always available when needed and never minded any students asking further questions or for more clarification or help in lessons or after. "

02 March 2024

"Great Teachings I have learned a lot doing the Social media and Web Design class and gained new skills along the way. I enjoyed everything "

Manuel Chan
29 February 2024

"Thoroughly enjoyed the training delivered by Gary at Netcom. Websites & Social Media for Entrepreneurs was 12 week course run in the afternoons for 4 days a week and actually helped me in more ways than educational. It gave me a bit more structure to my life when I was feeling depressed. I thought I would wiz through the course due to previously being an IT tutor and being very interested in ICT historically but actually I learnt a lot. The theory was in-depth and punctuated with great relevant examples of well known brands. I would have loved more time and focus on actually creating more websites especially with the CMS but as pointed out it's fairly straight forward. I've developed a lot more confidence due to the course and I wish Netcom more strength to support more people. "

Pineapple Wellness
23 February 2024

"Great coach, great guidance "

23 February 2024

"I learned a lot in the course of 10 weeks of cyber security as I am starting my career. so, it's a very good base. All admin team and progression team are great and easy to assess, and they are always there to help. Georgina is a very good trainer. I will recommend Netcom Training to do any course for getting knowledge in your field."

Ishrat Sarwar
22 February 2024

"Learning with a smile is always easier!"

Michele Caruso
22 February 2024

"Nathan Shields the tutor made it so fun and enjoyment to attend everyday "

omed Salayi
22 February 2024

"very useful"

19 February 2024

"I gained the knowledge I needed to get a job as a Data Analyst "

Shamisai Mkandla
15 February 2024

"Overall I am happy with the course. "

Anna PR
15 February 2024

"Well trained staff. Good module for study. Easy to understand course. Further help with employment. "

15 February 2024

"Patrick Duru is a great trainer who answered all questions asked and made sure that he was thorough with his explanations."

Abbas Taimoor
15 February 2024