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Hear from the Netcom Training Alumni

"It was a great learning experience from Netcom. Trainer taught us in a very understanding way from the basics. The course was truly amazing, and I learned so much more than I expected. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will serve me well in my future endeavors. Thank you very much! I would truly recommend NetCom training."

23 November 2023

"Comparing to other bootcamps, I think this is perhaps one of the best out there for beginners or those with little experience. It's government-funded so it's entirely free and vouchers are handed out once you complete the course to take Cisco exams (which are pricey), allowing you to take them for free. Lecturer goes at a nice pace and evening classes can be held for those working 9-to-5 or have only time to spare in the evenings. On a side note, employability/careers support lacks responsiveness and may not respond at all to your emails as they're dealing with hundreds of students. But, the course and the vouchers definitely make the bootcamp worth doing if you're interested in a career in IT/tech. You just need to bring in an enthusiastic learning attitude to the course and everything becomes easy (despite it being difficult at first)!"

23 November 2023

"Lots of materials"

23 November 2023

"I enjoyed the explanations and i also enjoyed watching the videos"

Mojisola Ayo-Aluko
23 November 2023

"Very good platform. A lot of students online as well so I can learn and collaborate with them. A wealth of materials that the Instructor provided for us after every session that was covered and can be accessed quickly over Ms Teams."

Nico Vale
23 November 2023

"Very happy with the course and the depth of the material. Lecturer and the staff are very approachable and helpful."

23 November 2023

"Interactive enjoyable lessons which are clearly explained/demonstrated."

D Scott
23 November 2023

"I can't rate this course highly enough. Professional staff all throughout and great honest people. Atran helped me every step of the way with my questions and support queries. James as a teacher and mentor he is top notch with a wealth of experience in Computing, Networking and everything to do with the industry in general. I was lucky to have landed with them as a course provider and I want to say thank you to everyone I have met here!"

Cristoloveanu Nicolae
22 November 2023

"I recently had the pleasure of taking the Data course with Netcom Training, led by the exceptional course tutor, Amanda Weaver. I must say, Amanda's expertise in the subject matter was truly impressive. Her deep knowledge of data-related concepts and technologies was evident throughout the course. One of the standout qualities of Amanda as a trainer is her ability to explain complex topics with remarkable clarity. She has a knack for breaking down intricate concepts into understandable pieces, making the learning process smooth and comprehensible. Amanda's teaching style fosters a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom, which significantly enhances the overall learning experience. What sets Amanda apart as a great trainer is not just her proficiency in the subject, but also her commitment to creating a positive and engaging learning environment. The course, under her guidance, became more than just a series of lessons; it transformed into an enjoyable and interactive journey. I highly recommend Amanda Weaver as a course tutor for anyone looking to delve into the intricacies of data. Her expertise, combined with her effective teaching style and friendly demeanor, makes the learning process not only informative but also enjoyable. Netcom Training is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and engaging instructor on their team."

Mr Gregory Houlders
16 November 2023

"Id like to express my sincere gratitude for your (Amanda) exceptional guidance and support throughout my training. Your expertise, dedication, and encouragement have been instrumental in my progress, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have learned from you. Thank you for creating a positive and stimulating learning environment that fostered growth and development. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will serve me well in my future endeavors. Thank you again so much."

zubs a
16 November 2023

"I created a good knowledge of data analysis and I enjoyed the way Amanda teaching she was very supportive"

Shaza Elfatih
16 November 2023

"A really good course and experience. The trainer I had was Amanda and she was very helpful and a really good teacher. The course was all coursework and very straight forward to do."

16 November 2023

"It was a great learning experience from Netcom. Trainer taught us in a very understanding way from the basics. Thank you very much! I would truly recommend NetCom training."

vasu p
16 November 2023

"Amanda Weaver is one of the best trainers at Netcom, very friendly and great at teaching and explaining the content. A lot of support is provided on the analytics course which is great. I liked the fact we had group tasks as well as individual tasks. I’d definitely recommend doing one of the courses provided by Netcom."

samiah khan
16 November 2023

"Excellent Training Delivery I would definitely recommend the Introduction to Cyber Security over 12 weeks. It builds from the ground up with hardware and networking and branching out into Cyber Security principles\frameworks. Excellent delivery by Doug Brooks."

14 November 2023

"I'm satisfied with the quality of the course I have been enrolled into, Doug is an excellent lecturer."

14 November 2023

"Very satisfying"

Naso Edusa Spice
11 November 2023

"I had amazing experience and it was very enjoyable the course. Michelle the teacher she was so nice and explained everything very well."

Iconik Moments
09 November 2023

"Their teachings are good and has flexible times. Morning, afternoon and evening. I got enrolled for free in the web design and social media course."

Chester Ossei Mensa Sapong
09 November 2023

"The course was truly amazing, and I learned so much more than I expected. Our tutor, Gary, is literally an expert. He was professional, experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and so much more. Now, I have the skills and confidence to pursue a career in digital marketing and web design. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to enter the field of web design and marketing."

Edel Quine
08 November 2023