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Hear from the Netcom Training Alumni

"very useful"

19 February 2024

"I gained the knowledge I needed to get a job as a Data Analyst"

Shamisai Mkandla
15 February 2024

"Overall I am happy with the course."

Anna PR
15 February 2024

"Well trained staff. Good module for study. Easy to understand course. Further help with employment."

15 February 2024

"Patrick Duru is a great trainer who answered all questions asked and made sure that he was thorough with his explanations."

Abbas Taimoor
15 February 2024

"Netcom is a great starting place for your careers and gives you an idea of where to go in the future. The team is very helpful and answers all your questions, so don’t shy away from asking."

15 February 2024

"I enjoyed the training and the trainer make me very comfortable and relax"

11 February 2024

"Very kind, extended with a bonus FRI session, and 2 extra days before the SY0-701 mock and in the wake of Post Office's very serious and fatal IT scandal (as per The Guardian - MP criticises ‘fatal flaw’ in government’s oversight of Post Office IT scandal, 06/02/2024). All good tutors."

Fee Kow
08 February 2024

"I am deeply grateful for the outstanding cybersecurity education provided by Netcom Training, particularly under the guidance of Mr. Doug. His expertise and dedication were instrumental in my personal and professional growth, ensuring I gained a thorough understanding of cybersecurity principles. Through interactive lessons and practical exercises, I acquired valuable skills and confidence in tackling real-world challenges. Netcom Training's commitment to excellence, coupled with Mr. Doug's exceptional teaching, equipped me with the knowledge and readiness to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity effectively. I highly recommend Netcom Training, especially under Mr. Doug's guidance, for anyone seeking top-tier cybersecurity education and practical skill development."

Abdirahman Omar
07 February 2024

"To be able to study online from home made the experience great. Netcom Training deserve credit for the way they have set up the course to meet the needs of the students. The admin team have been very helpful from the beginning. The structure of the course, the study material, student resources and delivery of the lessons by the teacher Mr. Doug Brooks have been on point, very interesting, useful, and educational. Mr. Doug Brooks deserves immense credit for teaching and delivering the subject in a professional way, his knowledge of the subject is huge. Covering teachers Sabah Bahiah and Tony Grainger have also been very good at delivering the subject. Netcom Trainings career and progressions team have also been helpful."

M. Khan
06 February 2024

"Genuinely really enjoyed my time with Netcom, I had the coolest teacher there is! (shout out to Doug and the team) just wish the course was longer but it was comprehensive and informative."

George Dike
06 February 2024

"The learning module. The trainer but needs to improve on the timing feels 3hrs is too lengthy for a Woking person."

05 February 2024

"Fabulous training with a great tutor."

04 February 2024

"Netcome training has incredible flexibility in its courses. Specifically, they provide courses in the evening, allowing anyone to learn outside of work. Although it was an intense 3 months, I have come out of it feeling immense confidence in my abilities and more eager to pursue a career in data analytics."

Noam Ureta-Vidal
03 February 2024

"My mentor more supportive he teach very well."

03 February 2024

"Every information provided by Netcom both practical and theoretical was professional and gives you the skill and knowledge ready to begin a job role. very supportive tutor and staff. Intensive course and very empowering!"

Raissa Tamakwa Mezeibai
03 February 2024

"A gtreat teacher"

Hafiz Awais Azeem
01 February 2024

"the course and their support all the way through was the best ive ever had."

Emma B
31 January 2024

"The learning experience, i was very pleased about. It was helpful as i desired a role in IT but needed to upskill myself as i lacked knowledge in certain key areas. The course provided me with the resources i needed to learn in the areas i was lacking in. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to upskill themselves or maybe learn something new to persue a new career or something similar."

Mohammed Ali
25 January 2024

"Great experience, so much was learnt during the short period."

Jessica Victor
25 January 2024