Digital Accountancy

Digital skills fully funded by West Midlands Combined Authority

12 Weeks, part-time

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Digital Accountancy

Digital skills fully funded by West Midlands Combined Authority

  • You must be aged 19+
  • You live in the West Midlands
  • You have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
  • Level 2 in English and Math (preferred)
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Step into the world of Digital Accountancy with our comprehensive course tailored for the people of all abilities. Designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, this program delves into bookkeeping and Value Added Tax (VAT) intricacies. Over 12 weeks, immerse yourself in key concepts, practical applications, and industry-standard tools, like Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and Payroll, empowering you to effectively manage financial transactions and VAT complexities. Each module offers hands-on learning experiences, ensuring readiness for modern accounting practice. Join us and unlock your potential in the dynamic field of Digital Accountancy, positioning yourself for success. 

Benefits of the Course:

  1. Practical expertise: Engage in immersive learning experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, enabling you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Develop competence in recording, analysing, and managing financial transactions.
  2. Industry-relevant skills: Acquire proficiency in popular accounting software, tools, and techniques used in contemporary bookkeeping and VAT practices. These skills are directly transferable to the workplace, enhancing your employability.
  3. Career advancement: Open doors to a variety of exciting roles in the financial sector, from bookkeeping and accounting to specialised VAT positions. Your new-found expertise will qualify you for entry-level positions and provide a solid foundation for upward mobility.
  4. Compliance mastery: Gain a thorough understanding of VAT regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate the complexities of taxation in various business contexts.
  5. Confidence and competence: Build confidence in your ability to manage financial records, reconcile accounts, and contribute effectively to financial decision-making processes within organisations.
  6. Professional networking: Connect with peers, instructors, and industry professionals through our learning platform, creating opportunities for knowledge-sharing and potential future collaborations.
  7. Certification: Receive a recognised certificate upon completion of the course, validating your achievement and signalling your readiness to contribute to the financial success of businesses and organisations.

Career Opportunities:

Upon successful completion of this training, you will be positioned for a range of promising career opportunities in the financial and accounting sectors. Graduates of this program may find themselves sought after for roles such as:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Accounting Assistant
  • VAT Specialist
  • Financial Administrator
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
  • Junior Accountant

The comprehensive understanding of bookkeeping principles, coupled with proficiency in VAT regulations, will set you apart in the job market and offer a competitive edge as you pursue a fulfilling career.

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"Course (Social Media and Web Design) is a good one to take if interested in the subjects Trainer (Nathan Shields) was good at delivering the content and information needed and helped if need any help "

13 June 2024

"Enjoyed the course delivery, different topics were covered to prepare you for work and also to set up your own business. The trainer, Nathan Shields was very knowledgeable with both content and industry experience. "

Nyarai Ndhlala
13 June 2024

"The whole of Netcom team, my trainer Nathan shields and my fellow learners, I felt supported throughout my course."

Ann Njoki
13 June 2024

"I Have thoroughly enjoyed the social media and web design course. My Tutor was Nathan Shields, he is a fantastic tutor and has helped me so much throughout this course, i am so pleased i decided to enroll. "

Tayler Hyland
13 June 2024

"It was an amazing experience! Well prepared tutor @NatanSheilds perfect and attentive staff! A big thank you for Jack ( from the Netcom It), Emma and obviously to my tutor and mentor Natan. Highly recommended!"

Ivanise Truccollo
13 June 2024

"The delivery of the course was great "

OMER Abosada
13 June 2024

"Digital Marketing with NetCom for 3months was an amazing time for me, i met an wonderful sweet tone teacher called Sharon who is so passionate in her teachings. My Class was neated together with great Digital Marketers of tomorrow!!! KUDOS NetCom!!!"

Justina Julius
13 June 2024

"A comprehensive course on all the compulsory aspects of Digital Marketing and which gives someone all the tools they need to succeed either in employment or for starting your own business. A GOD send."

eb akindeji
13 June 2024

"I loved learning about new things within the Digital Marketing industry. I am very impressed with all the provided resources such as additional available free courses and the different support options available from the Netcom team to look for a job and prepare for an interview. "

Liliana Mihaylova
13 June 2024

"Sharon was an excellent course leader. She taught us many useful areas in digital marketing which you can easily apply to your own work, with kindness, patience and expertise. This course really improved my job prospects and would highly recommend this course for upskilling. "

13 June 2024

"netcom training has been a great way of learning, i feel that I have grown as an individual Sharon has been a good trainer. joining the netcom bootcamp has been worth the 3 months."

13 June 2024

"Netcom has provided such amazing training. I did the Digital Marketing Level 3 course with Sharon as my tutor and i couldn’t be happier; the support is brilliant and the course itself was interesting and fun, and taught by a brilliant teacher. I’d 100% recommend, for context i joined this course through universal credit. "

Lauren Wall-Hayes
13 June 2024

"I signed up today thanks to Trevor Campbell, such an encouraging kind and inspiring character who's helped me see that my vision in buisness IS possible 🙏 I'm so excited to see what the future holds 🙏🦋 Thank you "

moma b miss T
12 June 2024

"Course was overall fun and engaging worth the time. Hope to learn more. Good teachers are Reece and Robert good at explaining difficult stuff in easier ways."

07 June 2024

"good teacher and easy to follow"

C's Designs
06 June 2024

"This course provided by netcom has given me the chance to better my understanding on coding and using social media to my advantage from a business stand point"

Thomas Eddy
06 June 2024

"Vlera was amazing and she took my inquiry very vell, as bigginer she made me feel comfortable, beautiful costumer service I recommend this place because of vlera "

Knowledge Seeker
06 June 2024

"Awesome learning experience at Netcom. The learning materials and exposure to the cyber world are topnotch."

05 June 2024

"The instructor, Mr Shahi Wadan teaches the course excellently. He knows how to drive a message home. The course is well structured and the delivery is perfect. I really enjoyed the regular assessments, as they always keep me on my feet, and help me retain knowledge. I highly recommend this course."

Nonso Ezesinachi
03 June 2024

"the time spent was very informative and engaging with activities such as kahoot quizzes our tutor Shahi is extremely friendly and kept the sessions fresh. Course times worked fine with me and didn't hinder my ability to not attend the sessions overall a very good experience to hopefully get a job out of it "

Will Baker
03 June 2024

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