Marketing, Business Principles and Coding

Our Digital Marketing course is stacked with all components. We made it our mission to add every marketing module available, enabling the learners to become qualified digital marketer.  At Netcom, we wanted to offer Digital Marketers something where no one is offering the same modules in Digital Marketing programmes.

We have added Security protocols, both principles in marketing and coding and finally, the business elements to give the learner a real-life understanding of business needs. The coding module installs the essential fundamentals and sets you apart from marketers who do not have skills in coding, also adds value to your CV.

Course Structure

The course will include all criteria for the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award in Marketing principles, including practical studies and mock exams.

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  • Mentoring and Coaching

    Ongoing support for 12 months

  • Online Tutor-led Classes

    All our tutors are certified

  • Short Certified Course

    12 Weeks, and 12hrs a week

  • Government Funded Course

    This course is funded through the West Midlands Combined Authority

  • Job Support


Module 1 Marketing Principles

Explore and apply basic marketing principles as they apply to digital marketing


  • Understands and Can apply the Marketing Mix to products or service—7 PS of Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Work effectively to deliver digital marketing campaigns
  • Customer engagement and market segmentation in digital marketing
  • The customer lifecycle
  • The importance of clearly defined dependencies within a digital marketing strategy
  • How and when to respond to positive and negative comments


Module 2 Business Principles


  • Learn the principles of SEO
  • Learn and appreciate the similarities and differences, including positives and negatives, of all the major digital and social media platforms
  • Learn how to respond to the business environment and business issues related to digital marketing and customer needs.
  • Learn effective communication styles dependent on audience profile and the characteristics of different digital channels, considering the importance of brand, relationship building and commercial impact
  • Understand various uses of a hashtag: categorising content
  • Distinguish the different digital platforms in the context of their use in the working environment
  • Recognise sources of threat and risk to digital information and the potential impact.
  • Learn the precautions and procedures that should be implemented for both the electronic and physical aspects of data protection


Module 3 Principles of coding

  • Understand and develop an appreciation of logic
  • Become aware of programming languages and how they apply in building digital products-key characteristics and applications of the following programming languages:
    • hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML)
    • JavaScript
  • Gain an understanding of code compatibility on different platforms
  • Understand the components involved to make the Web work

Vendor programme

Netcom Training online learning platform will register learners for the additional course programme, which allows the added value for the learner which includes the following:

Learners will have 12 months access to the full Netcom Online Learning platform, where they can recap all their learning materials and be able to study the additional vendor qualifications. This will be supported with video classrooms, learning material, mock exams and lab work.

Mentoring and Coaching- Ongoing support for 12 months, directed by the individual with quarterly contact. Set times will not be distributed, but individuals can contact via telephone or online. Netcom has a pool of specialist coaches who will have responsibility for this aspect of the programme journey.

  • Data Security compliance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Tools


Learners must be aged 19+.
Locations are restricted to Birmingham.
Need to be living in the UK for more than 3 Years.

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