Software Development


Fourteen intensive software development course weeks will take learners from beginners with no previous knowledge on an incredible IT journey to junior software developers. It will unlock your full potential and take you on your first step towards a sustainable programming career path. It is delivered using hands-on IT training-based examples and exercises, bringing the actual- world requirements of potential job roles to the spotlight and understanding whole projects, not just small technical areas.

New Skills

All learners who complete the Software development Skills Bootcamp will acquire new skills in the following areas:

  • Python
  • Systems for Best Practice
  • SQL
  • CISCO Internet Of Things
  • CISCO Big Data & Analytics

Career Opportunities

Completing the course leads you to an endless path of possibilities  you will be able to enter the software development industry with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed for roles such as:

  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • Junior Application Developer
  • Junior Software Tester
  • Junior Game Developer

Key Information

Funded through the DRF provision provided by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

  • Completion Certificates

    Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

    Certified Associate in Python Programming

    CISCO The Importance of Internet of Things

    CISCO Big Data & Analytics

  • Career Advice

  • Student and Tutor Support


  • Live in Liverpool or surrounding areas
  • You must be over 19
  • Level 3 English and Maths required or studying towards


Phase 1:

Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

  • Introduction to Python and computer programming
  • Data types, variables, basic input-output operations, basic operators
  • Boolean values, conditional execution, loops, lists and list processing, logical and bitwise operations
  • Functions, tuples, dictionaries, and data processing


  • Create a Basic Web Page
  • HTML Attributes
  • CSS Basics
  • Web Page Layout
  • Menus & Navigation

Phase 2:

Certified Associate in Python Programing Part 1

  • Modules, packages, string and list methods, and exceptions

Intermediate HTML/CSS

  • Building Web Forms
  • Publishing Your Web Pages

Systems for Best Practice

  • Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle
  • Introduction to Agile working methodologies

Phase 3:

 Part 2

  • The object-oriented approach: classes, methods, objects, and the standard objective features; exception handling, and working with files


  • Access, create, and update data stored in a database
  • Queries, keywords and functionality
  • Creating and manipulating databases with multiple related tables

Phase 4:

Connecting Things – The Importance of the Internet of Things

  • Learn how the current digital transformation creates unprecedented economic opportunity
  • Understand how the Internet of things is bridging the gap between operational and information technology systems.

Big Data & Analytics

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Soft skills such as teamwork and articulating problems and solutions in a business context.

Ready to get started?

To request more information please complete the form below, a member of staff will contact you as soon as we receive your online application. You can call our office to discuss the course by calling 0121 450 9300.
* This course is available to resident in Liverpool



Who is eligible for the fully funded course?

Potential students will need to be
– at least 19 years
– living within Liverpool area
– A resident of the UK for a minimum of 3 years

Are the courses certified?

Yes, they are certified by Pearson Edexcel.

How do I apply for the course?

You can apply for the course through the website (Registration Form,  message through our Facebook page, or call our recruitment team on 0121 450 9300.

Do you have a back to work programme?

Yes, One to One support can be arranged if it is required.